White Christmas? In March?

Remember the movie with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, and the two women? I love that movie. When I was younger I watched all of those movies. LOVE THEM. Anyway as I let my dog back in the house I was singing “snow…snow…” like they did in White Christmas. Its weird because it’s snowing here and it’s March 19th. I don’t live in the mountains, I basically live in the Willamette Valley at about 500′ and it’s snowing here right now as I type this. It’s sticking on my patio, car, and my roof. I’ve lived here for a little over 27 years and I’ve never seen it snow this late in March before. Up in the mountains, yes I’ve seen it snow and I’ve driven through it, but not here in the valley. I wonder if the earth quake in Japan last year has anything to do with this. I heard somewhere that the earth actually shifted on its axes a few millimeters (not sure if that is true or not) with the earthquake.


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