A Letter to a Loved One

Hi Rue,
I was thinking about you the other day and it’s taken me a few days to get the words together to put here on my blog. I know you can’t physically read them, but I know you know my heart.

It’s been a long road since you went away, and it hasn’t always been easy either, but you already know that I’m sure. I still miss you so very much. I miss how we used to have coffee in the mornings when you were home on the weekends. Remember all the times when we would go to Starbucks to grad a cup and then we were off to get the stuff done for the day, or we sat down and read the paper or a book with each other. I miss doing that with you, but then again I miss a lot of things that we used to share together. No one knew me like you did, and I doubt very much that anyone else will get to know me like that again.

When you left Maddy was just 3 and Miles was only 3 weeks. Now they are happy, healthy, and amazing kids. There are times when I look at Miles and I swear I see you smiling at me. Maddy still talks about her Ha Ha Robb and how he loved her so much. She remembers you and I’m so thankful for that one gift. Miles asks about you at times and then I see a look in his eye like he was cheated because he didn’t get to know you like Maddy. Both of them are beautiful kids, and I’m not talking about their looks. Both have wonderful hearts that are caring and loving towards others. I don’t think there is a mean bone in either of them. I wish that you could see them now and play with them at the park.

I still miss you, and someday when I see you again I will tell you my deepest most inner thought about losing you. Because writing them down is, right now, far to difficult for me to do.

I love you still Rue, and I think I always will with every fiber of my being.

Always & Forever


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