A Friend of Mine

I have this friend, she’s kinda crazy but not really. She’s opinionated (but not like she insists that you agree exactly with her), a little loud, and a great person. She’s been publishing on the web since before publishing on the web was cool. She knows stuff about publishing, webpage coding, and a bunch of technology stuff. I like her husband, he’s really a nice guy, and I even like one of their cats. They have two, but one of them just is way to picky and not laid back like their other cat.

My friend, she lives out on top of a mountain, and when you drive to her house you just keep going up and up…almost like the movie. The view from their is awesome and I’m totally jealous that she gets to live in a place like that.

Why I like her is really simple. She’s smart and she doesn’t hide it. She uses her brain to her advantage. She’s the go to gal for so many people who want to learn about publishing on the web. She’s the go to person when I want to figure out how to code my site to get it to look like I want it to.

I’m really glad I met her. I’m really glad we have stuff in common. I’m really happy that she’s in my life now. It’s always nice to make new friends, especially when they are like minded. Yeah, making new friends is nice.


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