Dinner time

Tonight I went over to my daughters home for dinner and to design a business card for my son-in-law.  The business card was easy because they needed to follow the basic design of the huge company they are consulting for. Basically all I had to do was change the names, address, and phone numbers. My son-in-law was very satisfied with the final results, even if I’m not totally happy with it. To really finish the card I needed the font style and color code for the business (the corporate business, not my son in law). They didn’t have that information, so I did the best I could with what I had to work with. I’m told it is perfect for them and this is what they need.

Then dinner with the kids and my daughter. (Son in law was at a meeting) I don’t know about anyone else on this planet, but my daughter makes the best mashed potatoes. I mean these mashed potatoes are awesome! I can say this because I’m a good cook. But when it comes to potatoes, my daughter outshines me everytime. A fact that I’m proud of I might say. Besides being beautiful, my daughter can cook, and cook very well!! YEP that’s my girl!!!


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