Crazy Woman

It’s funny how silly we get as we get older. Today after school I needed to go over to my daughters home to design a business card and have dinner. Well, because I was away at school all day, I didn’t feel it right that I would be gone from home again. You’re probably wondering why is it even a concern, right? Well it’s a concern of mine because I have a dog.

Brodie is a Gordon Setter. He’s a beautiful dog that should be in the show ring, but he’s been neutered so showing is out of the question. I must admit, I don’t like leaving him. I feel guilty when I do leave him. See he’s not an “outside” dog. He goes outside, but he doesn’t live outside like a lot of dogs. Brodie lives in the house with me. He has his own bed, but he prefers mine (he doesn’t get his way either). I rarely leave him outside for any lenght of time on his own. He goes outside to potty, and go on walks or to the dog park. Staying outside all day long is not something my Brodie does. He has a ton of toys he actually plays with and if I could get him to pick them up after he was done playing with them life would be perfect. Currently he’s laying on my leather couch sound asleep, waiting for me to let him out to potty before we go to bed.

I feed this dog of mine a dog food that has no grain in it. I’m picky that way. Only the best for my Brodie. The last time I went to the pet supply store, I spent $56.00 on a 28# bag of dog food. That’s $2.00 for every meal, and if I’m lucky this bag will last this month. I’m a crazy woman when it concerns my dog.

He just got up so I told him where I was and he came in the office happy as a clam. I let him outside to potty and he’s not back at the door yet, so he’s still taking care of business. Me and Brodie, what a pair we make. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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