Daddy’s New Girlfriend

My dad is 88 years old. He’s a short little guy at 5’4″ and he constantly has a smile on his face. I used to wonder why he smiled all the time, now I think I know. Yesterday, Tuesday, I went to where my dad lives and had lunch/dinner with him and his new girl. Now my dad is pretty with it with memory etc, but his girl isn’t so fortunate. Dad’s girl is a sweet woman, and I like her even if she asked me 20 times if I went to school and where, then answered that she went to the same school. I didn’t correct her or say she already asked me that. I figured why bother. I didn’t want to upset her or my dad, so I just went along with it. And besides, it was kinda cute.

I had a really nice time hanging with my dad for a while. He’s doing pretty good considering his overall health. He now has a walker, and can’t drive any longer, and his fingers still have no feeling in them because of all of the dry ice he handled during the years he owned the ice cream shop. For 88 Dad’s in really good health, and living where he is he’s eating right and not eating at a restaurant for every meal. I’m just glad he’s happy there and he has a new girlfriend. I did, however, tell him no more step-moms for me. Enough is enough already. Well what can I say, that’s my dad.


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