Right of Way

OK, this is something I’m not totally sure about, so help me out here ok? I was driving on Reserve in the ‘Couve today and I came to the stop sign at Evergreen and I stopped. No cars were approaching on Evergreen so I started to go, then I saw to skateboarders and they weren’t slowing down. There is a stop sign on Evergreen at Reserve as well, so it’s a 4 way stop. I was at the intersection way before the boarders were, so I think I have the right of way. These 2 guys were not pedestrines on the sidewalk, they were on their boards in the street. So who has the legal right of way?


3 thoughts on “Right of Way

  1. In my opinion, like a bicyclist on the road, they are required to abide by the rules of the road. The City of Vancouver indicates that:

    “When ridden on any roadway, a bicycle rider has all of the rights and responsibilities of any vehicle. (RCW 46.61.755)
    Unless bicycles are specifically excluded, all traffic laws apply to bicycles. All violations are subject to issuance of an infraction.” City of Vancouver

    The same should be required for any wheeled vehicle.

    • Thank Al,
      I appreciate the citation of the law. I was under the same impression, those boarders should have stopped. Now I wonder what a police officer would do in the same situation.

  2. Good question! What about roller shoes? I think the rules of road should be revised and well explained accordingly to avoid confusion. O.o

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