Dome of the Mount

The City of Jerusalem

When I was in Jerusalem I was surprised how hilly this city is. Kinda reminds me of San Francisco with all of this hills, but Jerusalem is nothing like the city by the bay. Jerusalem is a beautiful city, but it is a big city with lots of traffic and people. Something that strikes me is how the old is given away to the new there. Aside building that were hundreds of years old was a brand new contemporary bridge, and I was so surprised I didn’t get a photo of it (rats!!)

This picture here is of the Dome of the Rock. Supposedly the Arc of the Covenant is below the dome, but it hasn’t been dug up yet as this land is owned by Muslims and they won’t let the Jewish people in there to dig it up. So what do the Jewish do? They dig totally under the dome. It’s amazing, but it’s what they are doing. I must say this is one of my favorite views of Jerusalem. I want to go back there someday and spend an entire week (7 days) there researching and learning about the early church.


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