Sea of Galilee

Jesus Boat ride

Jesus boat ride on the Sea of Galilee

Reggi and I rode on a Jesus Boat one afternoon. We went with our group and as for a boat ride it was the same as a boat ride here in the states. What was different was the entire fact that the boat was a replica of the boat Jesus would have ridden in when he was working with his disciples. The only thing that worried me was the 2 guys manning the boat put out and flew an American flag. There’s nothing like telling the whole world–lookie here comes the American’s, lets shoot them out of the water. Well maybe not everyone thinks like that, but I do.


One thought on “Sea of Galilee

  1. LOL! Exactly how I felt. One day in the winter I was shopping around Tel Aviv and everyone greeted me in English. Normally the speak to me in Hebrew then I would tell them my Hebrew wasn’t very good (before I learned) and they would switch to English or mime things. However, on this day, it happened everywhere, English, English, English. Finally I asked someone how they knew I was American and spoke English. They pointed to the little logo on my sweatshirt. It was an American flag. I hadn’t even noticed it when I’d bought it out of desperate freezing cold need when the temperature shifted unexpectedly. I was in the shuk in old Tel Aviv and grabbed the first sweatshirt that fit. So my sweatshirt purchased in Israel with a US flag made them just assume I was an English speaking American. I am, but what an odd thing! I clipped off the flag that evening. 😀

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