Dessert by Annette

Yummy Dessert Layers upon Layers of goodness

Layers up Layers of Goodness

As I was sitting on my couch Sunday night the phone rang and it was Annette asking me if I wanted to come over for dessert. She told me she made the Berry layered thing with the whipping cream and pudding with the berries. Well I really wanted to stay home and relax, read a little and maybe get some homework done, but instead I caved-in and went on over. Some other friends were there too, so it was really nice to see them and talk with them as well. I got there just in time for dessert, perfect timing as always.

Dessert was so yummy. Not only was it good it didn’t feel heavy and it tasted light and airy. Now maybe that might sound odd to some of you, but when a dish tastes good, and fills that void where you want something sweet but nothing overpowering. Well then this was perfect!! I’m glad Annette called me and invited me over even if I was in my PJ’s. The best part was being able to come over in my PJ bottoms and a sweatshirt. I was comfy and with friends. I do believe that’s what Friends are For!


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