Pebbles, but no BamBam

Various colors of Pebbles

Pebbles in the sand on the Oregon Coast

In 2010 I went down to the coast in Yahats Oregon and was able to stay in a cottage right on the beach. My friend and I went walking along a particular part of the coast and we came across these pebbles. The whole beach was just like these pebbles. No soft warm sand anywhere to be found, but that’s how the Oregon coast is like. I haven’t been everywhere on the coast in Oregon, but one thing is for sure the beaches aren’t anything like the beaches in Southern California, South Texas, Mississippi, Florida, etc etc. The beaches in Oregon are still beautiful just in a different way. I love how the waves crash on the rocks and how you can just sit there and watch the waves for hours upon hours. I love the sound of the ocean in Oregon too. When you hear the ocean waves crashing on the rocks, you know you are at the beach. I love that. I’d like to go back to that little cottage someday and walk the pebbles again, maybe I’ll find the ones I saw in this picture (most likely not, but one can wish).


One thought on “Pebbles, but no BamBam

  1. This is wonderful. Yachats, Oregon, is near one of my favorite tide pool areas in the world, Strawberry Hill just south of Yachats.

    Growing up along the coast of the Pacific Northwest and San Juan Islands, when people say they love the sound of waves on a beach, my favorite sound is the sound of the waves moving back and forth over the pebbles on the beach, not the sand. There is a unique musical harmony as the rocks click together. I love it. Clears my spirit. Thanks for reminding me of that.

    BTW, this post is missing a title!

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