Egypt: A land of many faces

A Sand Storm in Egypt

Pyramid with an approaching sand storm.

I took this picture just as we were getting ready to ride a camel. Now if I was smart I wouldn’t have gotten on a camel in the first place, but then again I’ve never said I’m the smartest cookie on the plate. I’ve heard stories of how a sand storm can come rolling in and totally blanket everything with sand. Well it’s true. By the time this storm passed, I was covered in sand. I felt gritty and dirty the entire day, night, and all of the next day until about 3 in the afternoon when our guide arranged for all of us on the tour to have showers.

While I was sitting on the camel waiting for the storm to pass, I kept feeling the sand pellet my legs and arms. I covered my head with a scarf that one of the camel guys gave to me. (Yes I still have the scarf) Now as the sand was hitting me, I remember thinking “this shouldn’t hurt this much, it’s just sand.” Boy was I wrong! It hurt! I’ll never forget that camel ride for the rest of my life. I don’t think I want to ride another camel, well maybe a 2 hump camel someday, but if I ever get back to Egypt, I’m not planning on riding another camel. But maybe I’d like to see another sand storm from inside a vehicle and really watch in roll in. Now that would be cool.


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