My daughter Robi

A beautiful daughter

My beautiful daughter Robi Lee. I admire my daughter for several reasons. #1. She’s an awesome Mom. She interacts with her kids in ways that simply blow me away. Robi is always fair with each of them and strives to be the best Mom possible. Personally, I think she’s a better Mom than I ever was.

Drew and Robi Peterson on the lake

The kids at Sunset

This is Drew and Robi. They married on August 6th 2010 and I’m so happy Robi found a man that is solid. Drew is a wonderful father to my grandkids and he and Robi make a great couple. I knew Drew would be the “ONE” for Robi because how they laugh together.

Jocelyn, Madelyn, and Miles at the beach

The kids at Lincoln Beach in Oregon

Jocelyn, Madelyn, and Miles building a fort on the beach at Lincoln City. The kids get to go to the beach because the family has a house at the beach. Every time they go the kids have an awesome time.

I love this video. This cracks me up every time I watch it.


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