School Begins

AH back at Clark. Funny thing about Clark College, it’s feels like home to me. I’ve been coming here for a while now and I’m finding that I not only like the people here but I’ve become close to several. Funny how that happens. The instructors here are great, well for the most part anyway. I’m sure there are instructors that shouldn’t be teaching somewhere here but as of this quarter I’ve yet to encounter them.

My favorite teacher here has to be Professor Hughes, no wait it’s Kathrena, or maybe it’s Kristl, no I know who it is – Carson! So many good teachers and good people that its hard to say who is my favorite. When I was in Kenya I missed everyone here. I missed walking to class in the rain (I’m only saying that cause when it rained in Kenya, it poured!) I miss how the parking lot filled up faster than a race car going 140mph, and I missed being in class discussing all kinds of stuff with the teacher and fellow students. Yep I missed good ole Clark College, I’m so glad I’m back.


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