Meeting people and other ideas

Today I had the pleasure of meeting a young man who has graduated from Westmont College. Westmont is a private Christian college in Santa Barbara California, and this young man said something to me that I was so very happy to hear. He said to me that although he has a mountain of college debt,  he did learn something at college. He told me that he learned how to THINK and think critically during his years at Westmont.  OH JOY you don’t know how that pleases me to hear a young man say that to me.

So often kids graduate from college and they have nothing to show for it nor do they really care about what they learned, but not so with this young man.  I’m very impressed with him.  He is one young man that will be successful in life. I wish more young men and women had his mind set and his determination.  OH by the way, his name is Anthony Gonzales.


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