You’re Kidding?

People never cease to amaze me. There are people out there who are really just silly (stupid).  People have actually said to me off the wall things like:  “I know what you are going through, my dog just died.” or “OH, I know how you feel, I am going through a divorce.”, “I know exactly how you feel, my husband divorced me.” OR the classic “I know, I know.”

Seriously, I mean come on now!!!!! Enough is enough.  Unless you have experienced a military death, in my case, someone I loved with all my heart died while on patrol in NE Baghdad by a sniper, or died in the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, etc….YOU have no idea what I am going through.  With that being said, shut the F up! You don’t know squat about what it’s like for me. You don’t know how it feels to never be able to say goodbye to someone you’ve spent your life with. You don’t know what it’s like to have Army officers show up at your door to tell you, “Mrs Needham, it is with great regret that the Secretary of the Army needs to inform you of the death of your husband, Master Sergeant Robb Needham, while on patrol in Baghdad, Iraq” Do you know what that feels like? NOPE you don’t, so don’t tell me you know what I’m going through. As far as I’m concerned you don’t know dung (I’m being nice cause Vee wants me to stop cussing).

People have said the stupidest crap to me. I even had one guy say to me, “why would a man leave his family and go to war in Iraq?” YES it is true, an idiot actually said this to me.  And people wonder why I get so pissed off at some of the stuff people say to me.  And there’s other stuff that people say that bugs me.

This one I really hate, “When did you lose your husband?” EXCUSE ME???? I didn’t LOSE him.  HE DIED, HE”S DEAD….You know like a door nail…six feet under….He’s dead…I didn’t lose him.  If I lost him I would eventually find him, and since he’s dead I won’t find him here on this earth.  OH and how about, “he passed.” What the heck does that mean?  He had gas and cut a huge fart! Robb didn’t pass, He died. Plain and simple.  What is so hard about that? I hate to be the one to tell you but everyone is born and then everyone dies. You know like dead. No longer breathing, no more brain function, and no more heart beats. DEAD. What is so bloody hard about saying that one 4 letter word.  DEAD…People should practice it instead of saying Lost, Passed, or anyother word so they don’t have to say the D word….Practice the D word, believe me it won’t kill you….


3 thoughts on “You’re Kidding?

  1. I appreciate the raw honesty of your blog. Your comment on mine was important & I hope you’ll read my new post. Because of this post, I want to write something about how much we all have to learn about being a witness to someone else’s pain. Your comment added depth to my post & I thank you. Rhoda

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