Seriously! Really? MAN……

Why must people say to me that I must get on with my life? What does that mean exactly? What does that look like? I certainly wish someone would tell me so I can compare what I’m doing now as opposed to what they think I should be doing.  Hasn’t anyone even thought that I am “getting on with my life” as I see fit for me.  I’m going to school and seriously considering getting my Ph.D or MDiv. I get up everyday, most days take a shower and get dressed in real clothes. I talk to my friends, and I even go out with them on occassion. I’ve done some traveling, went to Eqypt, Jordan, Israel, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Malta. I’ve also gone on two mission trips to Liberia West Africa and I’m going to Mexico.  So what do they mean when someone says to me “Get on with your LIFE?”

As long as I live I will honor Robb whenever I can.  I’m determined Robb’s service will not be forgotten. Maybe that’s what they mean, that I’m suppose to not think about Robb ever again and not honor his memory. Sorry, I just can’t do that. I won’t do that.

You see this really bugs me. What exactly does everyone expect me to do? Robb’s mom has said I need to get on with my life to me a couple of times. But I don’t understand why? She said that I should be dating. Well in order to date someone needs to ask you out, and frankly no one has asked. HOWEVER, I’m not really all that interested in starting a relationship with a man right now.  She thinks the whole building dedication is ridiculous. Then why is she going? In fact she hasn’t been to anything to honor Robb. YET, I’ve been to a dozen ceremonies to honor Robb and others. But when I do, apparently I’m not getting on with my life.  I just don’t get it, I really don’t.


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