Keeping the memory of Robb alive isn’t ridiculous! Why does she say that? What am I suppose to do, just forget I spent 27 years with Robb? Sometimes she says stuff that is so hurtful it just blows me away.  How can anyone be so unkind, especially to a daughter in law? Robb always said that she had a really hard childhood, but is that just an excuse so she can be unkind or is it her way of dealing with all of the wrongs she suffered as a child? Well, no matter what I refuse to let the memory of Robb die. His family may not like it, but they are not walking in my shoes. They didn’t love Robb like I did, heck who could? They didn’t know the passion I feel for him to this day. NOPE I’m not going to let the Memory of Robb die with time.

I’m so glad that the building dedication is soon approaching. I’m looking forward to see the actual building and the picture and plaque. Maybe the rest of the family isn’t all that interested, or on board, but I am. But then again, I was in an intimite relationship with Robb for 27 years, the rest of the family was not!


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