Traveling Difficulties

Cait in Egypt

This is something I just don’t get. I mean haven’t we (widows) been punished enough? Not only do we not get to have our husbands, but if we want to venture out of our own little word we are hit with double occupancy fees. Is there justice in this world? I don’t believe so, especially when it boils down to traveling and having to pay extra because we are single.

I love to travel. I love to see new places and experience different cultures. I love walking around a new city and exploring and finding the post office where a “hot” guy lets me borrow his pen. (yes it really happened) But what isn’t fair is that when I do travel I’m forced to 1. find a roommate, and 2. pay an extra fee because I’m traveling alone. That just doesn’t seem fair. Any tour you want to go one, they always want two people traveling together. It’s like 2 is the magic number. Why can’t one be the magic number instead of the lonely number?

I don’t mind traveling with a friend, it actually is a lot of fun being with another person, but I just don’t want to be compelled to do so. I’d love to see the Northeast in the fall and discover how many colors the trees produce. I’d love to see Peru and the mountains. I’d love to take a trek through Mongolia and discouver the ancient culture of the Mongols. I want to see a Tiger in their natural habitat. I’d love to go to NYC and see a show and do a little shopping, just so I can say I shopped in New York. I’ve dreamed of going to a “dude” ranch and ranchin’ it for a week. There are a million things to do, but they all require double occupancy. Life just isn’t fair. Especially when going on a adventure and not going is finally up to two silly words. DOUBLE OCCUPANCY


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