Me and My Man

June 23, 1979 is the day that Robb and I married. It was a great day, but somehow now that Robb is dead I’m supposed to not even acknowledge the date. What is with people and my anniversary? Do they not want me to remember the date? Do they not want me to remember how much I miss him? Just because he died doesn’t mean I’m going to forget him. Why can’t anyone get that?

I remember the day I first saw Robb at College of Alameda. He got off his motorcycle, brushed out his hair and started walking to class. Well, Lucky me had him in a class, so I got to know him. Then I started finding him on campus and talked to him. I knew then that this was the guy for me. He road a motorcycle for cryin’ out loud, and he looked like no one would mess with him. YEP this is the guy for me. Little did I know that on June 23, 1979 I was going to marry him and spend 27 years with him.

Here’s the thing, maybe you’ll understand this, maybe not. When I fell in love with Robb, I fell in love hard.  My head just didn’t fall in love with him, my heart was totally involved. You see my heart fell in love with Robb and it’s my heart that still loves Robb. My heart hasn’t changed its status. My heart still loves Robb. Why can’t people understand that? Now when June 23rd comes around no one remembers it’s my anniversary. The church doesn’t put our names and date in the bulletin anymore. No one send a anniversary card anymore. Am I supposed to forget that I was married to him? If I am, well I hate to tell you all this but that just ain’t happening. I’ll never forget what we had together. I’ll be the first to say, it wasn’t perfect, but it was ours and ours alone.

So my heart hasn’t changed how it feels about Robb, and I don’t suspect it ever will.



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